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Corporate Board Governance

From regulatory changes to increased organisational and reputational risk, the challenges and scrutiny facing corporate and NFP directors have never been greater. With a unique understanding of the varying and increasing responsibilities assumed by individual directors, committees and the board, BDO’s IFRS advisory team provides meaningful insights to those navigating this evolving organisational landscape.

Our experts help directors, executives and those charged with governance responsibilities tackle current challenges and changes in the landscape including:

  • Risk management - Keeping up with the constant flux of legal and regulatory changes, including risk mitigation in the digital world
  • Technical expertise - Real-world business responses to challenges in financial reporting, accounting, auditing, assurance and IFRS
  • Brand protection and communication with stakeholders - From corporate reporting to evolving ESG matters.

Shining a Torch on Boards & Finance Teams

As companies around the world begin to move out of the post-COVID crisis management stage and into recovery plans to get themselves back on track, there is a glaring problem not being addressed.

This is largely due to the fact that it is rarely identified as an issue in the first place. It is the disparity between your board and your finance team. And it is costing companies around the world not only huge sums of money, but commercial success.

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Understand the differing views between your Finance Team and Board

In these challenging times, many of our clients are struggling to manage their financial reporting risk and the potentially detrimental impact that can have on their business.

We are conducting a review to better understand this, including the differing views between Finance Teams and Boards.

Please complete the risk review and please contact us if you would like to discuss the results of your risk review?

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