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Our Team

Anders Magnusson


Anders has over seven years’ experience in economic analysis across public, private and university sectors. His focus is on leveraging new technologies and administrative data for innovative analyses and communication of results, allowing him to unlock insights from the otherwise dormant data of many organisations. Anders’ experience includes implementing economic monitoring programs, economic impact analysis and cost benefit analysis across a broad range of industries, programs and projects. His breadth of experience allows him to bring new solutions to his clients from often surprising areas where comparable problems have been previously addressed.

Heather Bailey

Senior Economist
BSc (Hons), MEMD

Heather has 19 years professional experience as an environmental scientist and economist in Australia and internationally, working across the private, government and not-for-profit sectors. With a background in economics, carbon accounting and environmental sciences, Heather is proficient at integrating these specialist skill sets amongst the teams she manages to deliver coherent projects and in communicating the outcomes to non-technical audiences. She has worked on projects across agriculture, water, carbon, marine resources and scientific research delivery for all levels of government, universities and industry associations, using techniques including cost benefit analysis, input-output analysis and carbon accounting.

Lisa Carlin

Senior Economist
BEc, BFin

Lisa joined EconSearch in 2007 as an economist after completing economics and finance degrees at the University of Adelaide. Since joining EconSearch, Lisa has contributed to the application of input-output models and in preparing and communicating the results of economic impact analyses and socio-economic profiles. She has also undertaken numerous economic evaluations using cost-benefit analysis for a wide range of clients in both the public and private sectors. She has contributed annually to the preparation of economic indicators for all the commercial fisheries of SA, the economic impact of aquaculture and a fishery gross margin modelling framework developed to aid the harvest strategy in the Lakes and Coorong Pipi fishery.

Nicholas Angelakis

BEc (Hons), BFin

Nick joined EconSearch in 2013 as an economist, following his participation in the Treasury’s 2012 graduate program. He has been involved in the development of economic models, most notably the production of State and regional IO models for the South Australian Economy. He continues to improve the methodology necessary for IO model construction, with particular emphasis on the Industrial Ecology Virtual Laboratory (IELab). He is adept at finding data solutions, and is capable in utilising programing languages, such as visual basic for application (VBA) and GEMPACK (for Computable General Equilibrium analysis).

Jasmine Douglas


Jasmine is an economist who joined BDO EconSearch in 2018 after completing her economics and international studies degrees at Adelaide University. She has shown a keen interest in innovative analyses and communication of results since joining the BDO EconSearch team. Her experience is primarily comprised of qualitative and quantitative data collection, economic impact analysis and cost benefit analysis across a range of industries. Jasmine has been involved in data collection and analysis on a number of large scale projects, including the annual economic and social analysis of the South Australian and Queensland commercial fisheries.

Meagan Magnusson

Social Researcher
BIS, BEnv Policy & Mgt (Hons), MPhil

Meagan is a social scientist with a focus on informing decision making through describing the values held by communities and stakeholders and how they are affected by change.

Her expertise includes social impact assessments, wellbeing surveys, social indicator research and community engagement. Focus areas have included fisheries management, agriculture, natural resource management, NGOs, heritage and land use. Meagan is also an experienced field researcher having undertaken stakeholder engagement including qualitative and quantitative data collection on a range of issues in the public and private sectors.

Abbie Dix

BEc (Adv)

Abbie joined EconSearch in 2021 as a graduate economist upon completing a Bachelor of Economics (Advanced) at The University of Adelaide. She has prior experience in research based projects that involved qualitative and quantitative data collection, analysis, and communication of results. Abbie’s skills continue to develop at EconSearch through her involvement with a range of projects. These include various applications of economic impact analysis, cost-benefit analysis, and specifically, the economic indicators for the South Australian commercial fisheries.

Tania Dey

Senior Economist
BSc(Hons), MEc, PhD(Ec)

Tania is a Senior Economist at BDO EconSearch. She is an Applied Economist experienced in conducting qualitative and quantitative research and analysis using her extensive formal training and knowledge of economics, relevant legislation and regulatory arrangements in various jurisdictions in Australia and overseas. Prior to joining EconSearch, Tania has worked as an Economist at the University of Adelaide and as a Regulatory Analyst at the Essential Services Commission of South Australia. Tania is experienced in macroeconomic issues (Economic Briefing Reports, macroeconomic monitoring, industry analysis, regional economies, population strategy); energy economics (Future Fuels CRC on Hydrogen) labour market issues (gender inequality, disability employment); economic evaluation using impact assessment and cost-benefit analysis (projects assigned by Department of Trade and Investment); social issues (Costs of alcohol, tobacco, opioid, cannabis, gambling issues); public policy (population policy, future fuels) and regional development.

Anna Larson

Senior Researcher
BIS, BA(Hons)

Anna Larson is a social scientist interested in understanding the needs and values of communities and stakeholders in order to help them adapt to challenges. She has worked on projects across a range of industries and areas of interest, including aquaculture and fisheries, sustainability, land and sea management, Indigenous connections, climate change adaptation, international development and migration. She is an experienced field researcher, and has worked with both domestic and international stakeholders using a range of quantitative and qualitative methods. In addition to her field experience, Anna is an excellent desktop researcher with the ability to effectively communicate findings to stakeholders and audiences from diverse backgrounds.

Michael Di Paolo

Graduate Economist

Michael is a graduate economist with experience in microeconomic modelling, cost benefit analysis, socioeconomic impact assessment and econometric analysis. He has worked on projects in various sectors, including agriculture, forestry and horticulture, health and wellbeing, and rural development. Michael is a strong quantitative analyst who can extract useful information from large and complex datasets and construct comprehensive models using various statistical technologies.