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    Detailed economic research in Australian industries including, agriculture, fishing, forestry, water, transport & tourism.


EconSearch provides a wide range of economic research and consulting services for primary industries, natural resources and regions. Services include:


Irrigated and dryland agricultural industries including cropping, livestock, intensive horticulture, viticulture and broadacre agricultural industries.

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Fishing & Aquaculture

Commercial wildcatch fisheries, fisheries management and aquaculture industry development and management.

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Forest plantations and associated processing sectors such as milling, wood and paper production.

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Water & Environment

Water infrastructure evaluation, water policy issues, water resource management and water markets.

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Transport & Infrastructure

Economic analysis of regional ports, regional transport infrastructure requirements including road, rail and marine facilities.

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Mining & Resources

Mining, oil & gas, oilfield, natural resources.

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Tourism & Hospitality

Economic impact of visitor expenditure, value of regional tourism events and regional tourism planning.

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