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EconSearch staff have a good understanding and appreciation of economic issues as they relate to commercial fishing industries and fisheries management. The firm has undertaken an ongoing SA fisheries economic research project for more than ten years (since 1998), preparing economic indicators for all nine commercial fisheries in South Australia. Download the most recent SA fisheries reports and SA aquaculture report.

Analysing the economic impact of changes and threats to commercial fisheries is another area where EconSearch has provided research and consulting services to both public and private sector clients. These studies have typically involved changes to fisheries management arrangements and resource access brought about by events such as the designation of marine parks, industry restructuring and changes to resource sharing between the commercial, recreational, environmental and indigenous sectors.

EconSearch has also been involved in many fishing industry analyses where the allocation of access rights in a fishery has been the central issue, e.g. changing from a licensed system with input controls – boat number, boat size, etc. – to a quota management system where licence holders have a volumetric allocation or a share of annually adjusted total allowable catch.

In preparing options and advice in these projects, EconSearch has undertaken a high level of consultation with licence holders, received and assessed submissions in public and private forums, and worked closely with technical and legal experts involved in the management of the resource.

Given the detailed boat level and industry level data collected by EconSearch, most of our anlaysis is provided for both the licence holder and the fishery as a whole. Several of our studies have included development of user friendly software that licence holders can use to analyse the implications of changes to fisheries management on their own business.

Similar types of studies have been provided for aquaculture industries and EconSearch has developed decision support software to guide investment decisions in a range of aquaculture enterprises (finfish, oysters, abalone, etc.).

Over the years EconSearch has also been involved in several Research and Development projects, providing economic analysis in conjunction with broader biological research. Many of these projects have been supported by the Fisheries Research and Development Corporation.

 The scope of EconSearch fisheries and aquaculture projects can be summarised as:

  • Preparation of standard economic indicators (boat and fishery levels)
  • Regional economic impact of fishing and aquaculture industries
  • Decision support models for aquaculture investment
  • Decision support models for analysing changes to fisheries management, e.g. input control to ITQs (individual transferable quotas)
  • Cost-benefit analysis of investment in fishing and aquaculture industry R&D
  • Expert witness services in fisheries economics.

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