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Economic Research - EconSearch

EconSearch was established in 1995 to provide economic research and consulting services in the agricultural and resource industries throughout Australia. In July 2017 EconSearch was acquired by business advisory firm BDO and now trades as BDO EconSearch. The BDO and EconSearch integration broadens our service offering to the South Australian and national markets, enhances our local economic expertise, and enables us to offer a greater range of products to our clients – continuing our focus on exceeding expectations and delivering value.

The firm provides independent economic analysis and policy advice to companies, industry associations, research and development corporations, regional development boards, government agencies (all levels) and not-for-profit organisations.

BDO EconSearch has conducted assignments throughout Australia, works in collaboration with a range of other consulting companies and research institutions (engineering, regional and urban planning, universities, and many more) and is well placed to contribute to multi-consultant and multi-disciplinary studies.

“BDO EconSearch went above and beyond to produce high quality economic analysis in a short timeframe. Stakeholder comments on the project include: ‘highly engaging and technically robust documents which were a most impressive analyses of a non-traditional sector’…Overall, an impressive level of work, especially given the short timeframe. Well done to the team.” 

- Heritage South Australia, Department for Environment and Water
Ports of Melbourne

Case Study: Ports of Melbourne: Providing deeper economic analysis

Up until 2018, the Port of Melbourne knew exactly how much value it generated in Victoria's local economy. It knew how many jobs it created, not just directly, but also indirectly through the many businesses it partnered with. What Port of Melbourne didn't know well, however, was how much value it contributed to other regions in the Australian economy. That's where BDO EconSearch came in.

Rural support

Case Study: Rural Business Support: Improving financial literacy in farming

Australian farmers are some of the best in the world - but even they can’t get much yield from their land in a crisis. When events such as droughts occur, there's little room to boost resilience through increasing production. Instead, that resilience has to come from making better business decisions - understanding what to do with produce and profits during the good years, to ensure more flexibility when times are tough.