• Special Situations Advisory

    Rethinking value creation for distressed companies.

Special Situations Advisory

Distressed companies and their stakeholders require strategic solutions that quickly focus the business up for a new opportunity. Our Special Situations Advisory team of restructuring and corporate finance experts provide tailored financial restructuring solutions to assist borrowers, lenders and stakeholders in navigating financial distress and distressed debt. Our goal is to return your business to financial health and avoid formal insolvency whenever possible.

Our team supports distressed companies by swiftly assessing their financial position and forecasting cash flows. They then work with management and key stakeholders to explore both the strategic early options available, alongside contingency planning exercises that offer the most value creation. This may include accelerated Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), private capital options, or restructuring advisory.

Our Special Situations services include:

Cash Flow Reviews

An initial phase review that highlights the key components of a company’s performance and aims to verify and challenge management’s assumptions for future performance. From this foundational understanding, we look to identify the key issues the company faces and form ‘value-add’ solutions that can be sensitised into our own cash flow forecast.

Financial Review Services

In circumstances where financial stakeholders have concerns about a company, or management of the business requires a better understanding of the reasons for underperformance, our team can assist in providing a variety of financial review services that highlight the key issues and evaluate the options available to stakeholders:

  • Independent business reviews;
  • Limited scope reviews (tailored to the specific requirements of the stakeholder);
  • Working Capital Reviews;
  • Pre-lend review (private debt / debtor finance); and
  • Options analysis (formal insolvency vs alternative capital solutions).

Capital Solutions Advice

Managing and leveraging capital is integral to your business' options; our team can help you secure additional funding and provide broader capital solutions advice.

Accelerated M&A

Buying and selling distressed businesses means overcoming a range of complex financial, legal, and operational challenges under considerable time pressures. Our Special Situations M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions) team overcome these obstacles by implementing fast and effective acquisition and disposal strategies. We will put together a dedicated team across multiple disciplines and industries to meet the exact needs of the company in distress.

“BDO has a profound knowledge of the opportunities and challenges facing ambitious, entrepreneurially mid-market companies. We also have extensive relationships with lenders and investors that help us provide effective M&A solutions.”

Debt Restructuring

In some cases, commercial debt advice is required. Our teamwork side by side with our Debt Advisory team offering specialist advice and access to our extensive network. We have extensive relationships with the lending community which means we ensure the client can maximise all potential funding options. We apply our extensive knowledge, experience, and relationships to match the requirements of the client with the facility of business debt restructuring.

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