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Forensic Investigative Services

With our large team of dedicated forensic services professionals Australia wide, we specialise in providing high quality, timely investigative services.

Fraud and Corruption investigation

Fraud and corruption represent a real risk for every organisation, whether you are a large corporate, small to medium enterprise, not-for-profit or government agency.

With over four decades of combined law enforcement and regulatory agency experience, BDO’s team has extensive investigative knowledge and experience. We support investigations by conducting interviews, taking statements or depositions, and are well versed in interview techniques for witnesses, complainants or other involved persons.

We also have a thorough property and exhibit management process to ensure the continuity and chain of custody are properly documented and maintained throughout the entire investigation.

What type of forensic investigations does BDO handle?

BDO regularly conducts investigations in:

  • Grievances and allegations of bullying and harassment
  • Theft or misappropriation of assets
  • Accounts payable fraud
  • Conflicts of interest in the procurement process
  • Receipt of unauthorised gifts or hospitality by employees
  • Unauthorised release or theft of corporate information or intellectual property.

We have deep technical experience with a strong reputation amongst clients and referrers as leading advisers in this area. The BDO team are regularly called upon to give evidence in both lower and upper Courts and have been recognised as experts by the judiciary.

Workplace investigations

BDO’s forensic team also conducts investigations in the workplace including:

  • Public sector investigations
  • Misconduct investigations
  • Fraudulent and corrupt conduct investigations.

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