• Due Diligence

    A thorough approach to protect your purchase.


Business buying due diligence

Are you looking to buy or invest in a business and think you’ve found the right one? As a buyer, it’s essential you examine the business carefully. Doing so will ensure you haven’t missed anything that could come back to bite you down the track.

Buying or investing in any business presents a risk, but this can be mitigated through a thorough approach to due diligence services. There are many questions to consider in any potential business purchase. Conducting due diligence helps you minimise the chance of unwanted surprises after the transaction is completed.

Due diligence steps when aquiring or investing in a business

Due diligence can help you identify and manage transaction risks and setup the right corporate structure for the acquisition.

We can also ensure you develop a full understanding of what you’re buying by working with your legal advisers on:

  • Contractual matters
  • Warranties and indemnities
  • Purchase price adjustments.

To get a detailed examination of your potential business transaction, talk to a BDO adviser today.

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