• Fraud Risk Management Services

    Expanded operations, expanded risk.


Fraud Risk Management Services

Organisations face significant new challenges when it comes to managing fraud and corruption risk in today’s global economy.

BDO’s Fraud Risk Management practice can help you prevent, detect and respond to fraud and corruption. Having investigated hundreds of frauds, we know the best ways to work out your fraud risk, how to fix it and stop it happening again.

Fraud and corruption prevention program

Our fraud and corruption prevention program includes:

  • Fraud and corruption risk assessment
  • Awareness training
  • Policy development and implementation
  • Whistleblower program development
  • Forensic audits
  • Data mining.

Access to leading tools and technology through our forensic technology services unit is a significant advantage of working with BDO.

Another key component of BDO’s service philosophy is active and continuous involvement from our most senior people. Working with BDO, you’ll see our partners are actively involved throughout the engagement, delivering technical support insights and guidance.