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IFRS 16 - Lease Management Services

Many entities are currently grappling with the implementation of IFRS 16, and also starting to contemplate ongoing management of their lease portfolio.

Our clients are telling us that they want the best possible lease accounting outcomes for their business, and they want the associated process to be easy and cost-effective. In short, our clients want the best lease accounting outcome without any hassle.

We have responded to these requests from our clients, by creating BDO Lease Management Services where our clients outsource their lease accounting problems to our experienced IFRS experts.

We know and understand the intricacies of IFRS 16, AND we have an amazing technology solution (BDO Lead) to perform all the required calculations.

What is our BDO Lease Management Services?

BDO Lease Management Services will help reduce costs and improve efficiencies by allowing BDO IFRS Advisory to manage all your leases in your lease portfolio and provide you with the information you need to account for your leases under AASB 16.

This approach will be most beneficial when transitioning to AASB 16 – no other software solution can offer the IFRS insights that our IFRS advisors can offer you during the critical phases of your AASB 16 implementation project.

Our Lease Management Services include:

  • Training your staff on the application of AASB 16
  • Guidance to assist your Project Team to gather the necessary outstanding lease accounting data
  • Critical analysis to assist you with your policy choices before date of adoption
  • Upload of your data into BDO Lead
  • Providing monthly accounting journals and audit information in the format and at the level that you need in your organisation (Consolidated, Company, Profit Centre and/or Cost Centre).
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What is the implementation process re our BDO Lease Management Services?

What is the on-going process re our BDO Lease Management Services?

BDO Lease Management Services on-going process

What are the benefits of BDO Lease Management Service?

The benefits to you:

  • Centralised access to the BDO Lead technology Solution
  • No need to invest in or acquire the software
  • Lower cost and no complex IT implementation projects
  • Access to our IFRS Advisory specialists throughout
  • Audit trail provided for you and your auditor.

Please contact me or any of our friendly and professional IFRS experts to discuss how we can help you to take the pain out of lease accounting and address your IFRS 16 related business problems.

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