• Financial Accounting Software Deployment

    Select and implement financial software.

Accounting Software Implementation & Training

When looking to upgrade financial accounting software, it is important to consider not only the requirements of the organisation today, but also of tomorrow.

Technology improvements provide organisations with significant opportunities to streamline and automate time-consuming processes to not only save time and money, but also significant reductions to an organisation’s exposure to errors.

Regardless of what transformation is occurring, finance functions remain responsible for the processing of transactions and delivery of financial information to an organisation. To allow finance functions to unlock capacity within existing teams and enable a focus on more value creating activities, efficiencies need to be created in the delivery of these core and traditional areas of responsibility.

Technology plays a key role in finding these efficiencies, and in many circumstances the organisation’s existing technology already has the functionality required – it is just the know-how that is needed to leverage what is there. In instances where the organisation needs to look to new or better technology solutions, BDO can assist with the selection and implementation process.

Our team has the skills, qualifications, methods and processes to help organisations with full finance software deployment including:

  • System readiness
  • Function process mapping
  • Process improvement
  • System requirements
  • System selection and procurement
  • Data migration
  • Parallel processing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Training.

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